Permohonan Maaf Apology

Spam attack CHRD web

Spam attack CHRD web

We extend our apologies on behalf of CHRD LPPM IPB admin website to our web readers, because from 3-6 April 2014 CHRD LPPM IPB website is not accessible by the public, due to being maintenance of our web spam attack.

More than 1,000 web spam has entered into this that causes a high traffic, so the web is temporarily disabled first. We also do an update some plugins, and install some additional spam trap. Hopefully in the future this web more quickly accessible and can satisfy lovers of this web audience.

Some settings we’ve done that this website faster in serving the demand of visitors, ranging from setting w3 total cache, captcha, to the addition of other plugins are necessary for the good of this website.

Thank you for all the attention and concern to the web. (ms)

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