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Hole Infiltration Biopori: For Effective Waste Utilization and Seepage of Rain


Where it came from?
Who is responsible for managing it?
1. Transporting
2. Seeking landfills
3. Preventing negative impacts:
- Greenhouse gas emissions
- Pollution of groundwater
- Air pollution
- Nest of disease vectors

Saung Kompudaya April 2014

It is material to saung kompudaya, consists of 4 files that consist of:

The film can be seen here dancing

Thank you teacher songs

Kompudaya , Empower Solutions Used Computers

Equity Programme IT Literacy P2SDM – LPPM IPB

Information technology ( IT ) is already not a stranger . In today’s global era , a variety of information through computerized -based virtual world can be enjoyed by all walks of life.

Unfortunately , not all citizens have a computer to access or enjoy content that summarized information via impressions circulating in cyberspace .

To that end , the Center for Human Resources Development ( P2SDM ) LPPM IPB by post empowerment ( Posdaya ) brewing computer programs to empower people ( kompudaya ) .