CHRD The Organization Structure 2010-2014

The Organization Structure

The organizational structure of the Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD) is consisted of Advisory Boards, Board of Trustees and the Executing Agency. The organizational structure is presented in Figure 1

Advisory Boards

Rector of Bogor Agricultural University

Director of Institute of Research and Community Services of Bogor Agricultural University (LPPM IPB)

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Center are experts in Human Resoruces Development.


This Center is facilitated by experienced consultants who earned Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from leading universities. The Center is headed by the Head, and assisted by Executive Secretary, and Vice Executive Secretary, and Division Heads. In executing the dailoy activities, those exectuvies are assisted by facilators.

1. Advocacy Division of Human Resources Policy Study Program

  • Baseline Study
  • Development Research
  • Action Research
  • Evaluation Study

2. Training and the Dissemination of Technology Division

  • Professional Training Program
  • Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • Partnership Training Program/Community Development
  • Production Technology and Marketing Products Training Program
  • Networking Development of Human Resources Development Training Program

3. Partnership and Community Development Division

  • Community Partnership Program
  • Community Empowerment Program
  • Partnership Program

4. Food, community Nutrional and Health Program (PGKM)

  • Program of the Application of ABG-C
  • Network Development of Universitie Members of BKS PGKM

Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD) Facilitators

Advisory Boards Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, MS
Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Bunasor Sanim, M.Sc
Prof. Dr. Ir. Aida Vitayala Hubeis, M.Sc
Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khosman. M.Sc
Head Dr. Ir. Pudji Muljono, M.Si
Secretary Dr. Ir. Panca Dewi MHK., M.Si
Vice Secretary Ir. M. Yannefri Bakhtiar, M.Si
Expertises Ir. Abdul Basith, MS
Suparno Midi
Division Heads Ir. Heru Sumaryanto, M.Si
Ir. Burhanuddin, MM
Prof. Dr. Clara M. Kusharto, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Saharudin, M.Si
Division Team Ir. Mintarti, M.Si
Saepul Asikin, SP
Warcito, SP
Feryanto Wiliam K., SP

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