Development Program “Tabur Puja” In Welfare Interventions for Improving Society Through Model Posdaya

The poverty rate in Indonesia has fluctuated. Number of people with limitations in Indonesia is believed to be caused by the limited job opportunities. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) are institutions that provide financial services in the form of savings and loans earmarked for low-income families and do not have access to commercial banking. Purse Savings and Credit Program Sejahtera (Powder Puja) is operated in the form of an invitation to save and use credit for people with disabilities. The purpose of this study is to describe the program “Tabur Puja” in improving the welfare of the poor, and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the program “Tabur Puja” compared to other micro financing. The method used is descriptive qualitative analysis with respondent 5 (five) Posdaya that move Powder Puja in Bogor. The results of interviews and observations obtained that the mechanism Puja Loose lending no more than Rp. 2 million to each member Posdaya, the presence of joint liability order, the activity of contiguity make Puja Powder into a program that is able to improve the welfare of the community. Community empowerment program in Posdaya make use of loan funds in accordance with the plans that have been prepared beforehand. The pattern of assistance undertaken include regular weekly meetings, direct assistance to the field, and training services needed by the community. The advantages of the system “Tabur Puja” is the empowerment approach towards customers. Posdaya approach to community empowerment through community building through four (4) pillars of development amongst communities have enormous benefits, particularly in improving the welfare of the construction.

Indonesia is a developing country and a country with abundant natural resources . However, an abundant natural resource wealth does not make people regardless of poverty . Poverty is a condition in which a person has limitations in accessing aspects of consumption , income , and social needs . The difficulty of addressing poverty makes many people call a ” vicious circle ” . The number of people with limited access to large will have an impact on the country’s economy as a whole . High levels of poverty hamper the country’s economic growth and to increase the number of criminals . Poverty can also result in increased mortality due to lack of access affects consumption lack of nutrition . Poverty alleviation is the main focus of the Government of Indonesia through the people’s welfare programs .
The poverty rate in Indonesia has fluctuated . Number of people with limitations in Indonesia diyakinin due to limited job opportunities . Limited number of jobs and the increasing number of job seekers make poverty rate continues to rise . The data on number of people with disabilities in Indonesia from 2008 to 2012 can be seen in Table 1 below.

Table 1 above shows that the number of people with limitations in Indonesia each year has decreased from 34.96 million to 29.13 million. The rates of people with disabilities plosok spread throughout Indonesia, with a population rate limitation occurs not only in urban but also in rural areas. Economic problems such as limited access to capital to make the villagers can not develop and enter into poverty. So also in urban areas, urbanization is happening and the imbalance between the number of jobs to the number of job seekers affect the process of impoverishment.
Poverty alleviation policies in one with business lending through the banking system as has been done by the government through the People’s Business Credit (KUR). However, limited access to the community is still large especially KUR KUR program which requires that a business that has been done has been there first and has been running for 6 months miniman. The requirements make it difficult for beginners attempt to access KUR. While other bank credit still mengsyaratkan presence angunan in financing business.
The development of microfinance in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Access to finance for poor people continue to open properly, with lending institutions that provide facilities for the poor. Has recently been established Savings and Credit financing Purse Welfare (Powder Puja) by Prof.Haryono Suyono through Damandiri Foundation. Program ” Loose Puja ” for people that have been incorporated in the program Posdaya. This paper will discuss how the program ” Loose Puja ” to enhance the welfare of the poor, and how the advantages and disadvantages of the program ” Loose Puja ” compared to other microfinance ?.
abstrak Makalah Tabur Puja

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