IPB Train Lecturers and staff. Administration Agricultural High School West Halmahera Entrepreneurship

Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM) LPPM IPB held Lecturer and Staff Training Administration within the framework of the High School Agriculture Establishment Preparation Entrepreneurship (STPK) Banau West Halmahera, training was held on Monday (18 / 5) at the Hotel Papyrus. Jl. Funders Budi Agung Raya Bogor.

Committee Chairman, Dr. Ir. Pudji Mulyono, MSi., In his speech said that this training would be an excellent perception of equality for all professors who will teach at STPK Banau. “For those who just joined the training will add insight pedagogic knowledge and professionalism, while for senior lecturers will be a refreshment vehicle,” said Pudji Mulyono, M. Si

Regent West Halmahera in a speech read by the West Halmahera district secretary, Ir. Abjan Sofyan, MT., Say, the concept is important because the phenomenon of graduate unemployment conducted continue to rise. This is due to a weak orientation of agricultural businesses to develop the potential and agricultural products.

“Therefore, STPK Banau expected to be a locomotive to create entrepreneurial students who could encourage the creation of new jobs is expected to the development of the agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy in the West Halmahera district,” said Ir. Abjan Sofyan, MT.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Research and Cooperation IPB, Central Library Miftah Anas Fauzi, M. Eng., Said, the Agricultural High School-based Entrepreneurship Banau Community College is the first in Indonesia. In relation to training activities at the time, Dr. Anas call it a form of implementation of cooperation programs between the IPB and the Regional Government of West Halmahera, North Maluku Province in 2009.

Dr further. Anas said, the organization of training for faculty and staff Banau STPK is very important to be implemented, along with high school programs such establishment. On this occasion Dr. Anas give awards to local government. West Halmahera has budgeted enough to STPK, and congratulated on the founding STPK the plan began to be opened in September and October 2009.

The training was attended by Deputy Chief LPPM Community Services Division, Dr. Ir. Prastowo, M. Eng, Director of International Programs, Central Library Rinekso Soekmadi, MSc.F.Trop. Chairman of the Governing Body of West Halmahera Banau STPK Foundation and Chairman of the High School STPK Banau-Halbar, was attended by 10 faculty and staff of West Halmahera, and 10 lecturers from IPB seconded. Activities which was officially opened by Dr. Anas, the last two sessions in two different places, the first session for 4 days in Bogor and the second session 3 days in West Halmahera Jailolo. (Nm / dh)

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