Ir. Burhanuddin, MM

Ir. Burhanuddin, MM

Ir. Burhanuddin, MM

Born in Pamekasan Madura, February 15, 1968. Teaching in the Department of Agribusiness Economics and Management Faculty of the University. Parenting course Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, and Business Information Systems. Currently a doctoral course in the Major Program of Agricultural Economics, Graduate School of IPB. Married with Ir. Lita Herlinawati and blessed with sons Al-Izzi Burhani May Abyan and Al-Thaf girls haura Imtinan Burhani.

Teaching :

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course (S1)
  2. Entrepreneurship Course (S1)
  3. Business Leadership Course (S1)
  4. Business Information Systems Course (S1)
  5. Courses in International Business (S1)
  6. Course Management Innovation and Creativity (S1)
  7. Media Production Management Course (S0)
  8. Graphic Design Course (S0)

Coaching :

  1. Build Success In The Retirement Mindset And Transformation Through Behavior (Ciloto, 26 november 2008)
  2. Entrepreneurial Training, Computer Applications and Cooperative : ” Improving Quality and Independence Requirements Under Graduate Labour Market ” (Kuala University in Banda Aceh, 3 to 14 December 2008)
  3. LM3 Preparatory Training Companion (London, 2006)
  4. Workshop Debriefing Team Partners Village and Rural Community Empowerment, 2004, KM IPB BEM, BEM Faculty, Himpro as IPB, 12 April 2004
  5. Patronage Rural Development National Training ” Empowerment The Powerless “, P2DB and Tim PMD-IPB, 26-29 September 2002
  6. Training ” Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in Agribusiness ” in order to empower businesses macro, micro, small, medium and Cooperatives (MSME), in Bogor, MOA and PSP IPB, 16 to 25 October 2001

Research :

2008 Community Satisfaction Index (HPI) Bogor City : District and Village
2008 Feasibility Study of Development of Poultry Slaughterhouse (RPU)
2007 Coordination of Economic Impact Handling Bird Flu Outbreak
2007 Analysis and Mapping Marketing and Livestock Production Results In Riau Province
2007 National Dairy Agribusiness Review
2007 Cattle Breeding Incubator Jonggol
2007 Community Satisfaction Index (HPI) Bogor : IMB services, ID cards, Health, and Water
2006 Design Agribusiness Dairy Cattle South Bandung West Java
2006 Grand Strategy Development Goat-Sheep
2006 Assessment of Public Opinion Research And Development Of Agriculture
2006 School Readiness Assessment Activity In Implementing Education Unit Level Curriculum
Prototype Formulation 2006 Regulation on Financial Management
2006 Master Plan for the Development of Animal Husbandry NAD
2005 Self-reliance Development Business Group (KUB) Rural Development Program Patronage
2004 Evaluation of success of BDS as Consultant Assistant Role In The Development Center of SMEs
2004 Preparation of a model of community development : development of decentralization based on districts. Cianjur
2003 Planning integrated region through community participation in the nine islands, South Sulawesi
2003 Environment Arrangement Sea Area at Nine Island of South Sulawesi
2002 Assessment Package Communication, Information, Education (KIE) Family Empowerment of the Poor (MOA)
2002 Ranch Area Development Model Formulation
2002 Sicio-Economic Studies on RR-Corn in Indonesia
2002 Impact Assessment of Livestock to import Ranch Business people
2002 Evaluation of Publication and Boardcasting System
2002 Beef Cattle Development (Special Program in South Sumatra)
2001 Environmental Planning Integrated Maritime Region Nine Island South Sulawesi
2000 Ranch Area Development Model Formulation
2000 Identification Models Agribusiness Study Group

Seminar, Symposium, Workshop, Panel Discussion, and Training :

  1. Follow-up Training Tailor Made ” Practical Teaching Base “, IPB Bogor, 18-22 August 2009
  2. Tailor Made Training ” Marketing Services “, Maastricht Netherland and Witsenhauzen Germany, April and May 2009
  3. Socialization of Higher Education Entrepreneurship Development Program Proposal Preparation and Technical Information, EDUCATION-IPB, January 16, 2000
  4. National Seminar on ” Assess the applicability of Integrated Livestock Agricultural Development in South West Java ” Husbandry IPB, December 22, 2003
  5. Research Proposal Preparation Training for Young Lecturer, IPB, 17-December 18, 2003
  6. Training Workshop on Education Quality Assurance System, IPB, 15-December 16, 2003
  7. ISPI 2003 National Seminar on ” Business Opportunities and Career Bachelor Ranch in Central Business Global Change “, ISPI, TROBOS, POULTRY, Infovet, 20 September 2003
  8. Interactive Dialogue “Empowerment Bachelor Ranch in Pemba-opment in the Region -Based Livestock Era decentralization”, ISPI, May 2, 2003
  9. ISPI Conggress Period 2002-2006 ” Empowerment Bachelor Ranch in Region -Based Livestock Development in the Era of decentralization “, ISPI, 2 to 3 May 2003
  10. National Seminar on ” Mentoring Against Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the effort of Community Empowerment for Poverty Reduction “, Director General of Facility Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, 29 April 2003
  11. Brief training “Excellent Communication “, IPB and Part Quality Improvement Project Human Resources, Director General of Higher Education, IPB, 7-8 April 2003
  12. One Day Seminar Publication Photography, Photography Club DC-Visual Communication Program Development at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Auditorium IPB, IPB Husbandry, 21 Septem-ber 2002
  13. Communication and Mediation Training, Mediation and Indonesian Rural Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit (IRADRU) and the Center for Community Education and Training LPM IPB, IRADRU Pusdiklatmas-LPM-IPB, 13-February 14, 2002
  14. “Second Tutors ‘Training in Data Management For Rural Development (DMRD) Distance Education Course” in Jakarta, SEARCA and SEAMOLEC, SEARCA, 28 to 31 January 2002
  15. Improvement Plan Ecosystem through Community Involvement in Small Island Nine islands, South Sulawesi, State Budget 2001, the Institute for Empowerment & Development Studies and the Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, 2001
  16. National Week Kontaktani-to ten-Agribusiness Fishermen, 2001 (PENAS X-AGRIBISNIS 2001) in Tasik-Himalayan West Java, Minister of Agriculture and KTNA Group, Department of Agriculture.20-October 25, 2001
  17. National Seminar on ” Local Resource-Based Livestock Development (Local Resource Base Livestock Development) in Campus IPB Husbandry, Animal Husbandry IPB, 8-9 Agus-tus 2001
  18. National Workshop Poultry Water, in order to the 38 anniversary IPB, IPB and Livestock Research Center, Animal Husbandry IPB, 6-7 Agus-tus 2001
  19. National Seminar on ” The Role of Public Relations in Development Per-Effective and Sustainable agriculture, PS Communication Agriculture and Rural Development and Small and Medium Industries Professional Master Graduate Program, IPB, IPB, 19 April 2001
  20. Seminar on ” The Development Of Warehouse Receipts System In Indonesia, Commodity Exchange Supervisory Board Ministry of Industry and Trade and the United Nations Conference On Trade and Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, 20 April 1999

Publication :

  1. Free Proposal and Thesis, Department of Agribusiness FEM IPB 2008
  2. Analysis Preferences And Buffalo Meat Consumption Patterns In The Household Consumer Pandeglang, Media Studies
  3. Journal of Animal Husbandry and Animal Husbandry Technology, Vol. 25, # 1, April 2002, ISSN : 0126-0472, p. 1.
  4. Implementation of Quality Function Deploymen In the Management Quality Improvement (Case Study on Treatment Milk KPBS Pangalengan, Bandung regency, West Java), Media Studies Journal of Animal Husbandry and Animal Husbandry Technology, Vol. 25, No.. 2, August 2002, ISSN : 0126-0472, p. 64.
  5. Breeders Entrepreneurial Behavior Relations With Sheep Breeders Group Productivity, Media Ranch Journal of Science and Technology of Animal Husbandry, Vol. No. 25. 3 : 71-108 December, 2002, ISSN : 0126-0472, p. 92.
  6. Handbook : Agribusiness Management and the WED 2001
  7. Voices From Bogor Agribusiness Building Systems, ISBN : 979-95902-6-4 (2001)
  8. Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness Systems, ISBN : 979-8637-109 (2001, 2003)
  9. Entrepreneurship And Broiler Breeder Behavior Communication, Media Ranch Journal of Animal Husbandry Science and Technology, Vol. 22, No.. October 2, 1999, ISSN : 1260472, p. 69.

Posts in the newspaper :

  1. Commitment of Financial Institutions in Agribusiness
  2. Fermentation, Biotechnology Alternative Increase Forage Quality
  3. Agribusiness Human Resources in the Era of Globalization
  4. Agribusiness Region Moder Spur Regional Development
  5. Growth Path Toward Globalization
  6. Opportunities and Challenges Facing Small Employers Free Trade
  7. Agribusiness Perspectives in the Era of industrialization
  8. Equitable Agriculture with the spirit of Self-reliance
  9. Role of Television in Poverty Alleviation
  10. Bachelor mobilization to Hometown
  11. New Criteria Poverty

Organization :

  1. Education Foundation Rabbani, Chairman
  2. Cooperative Entrepreneurial Indonesia, Chairman
  3. Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI), Member
  4. Economic Development Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (LPENU) Bogor District, Board
  5. NU Institute of Agriculture Development (LP2NU) Bogor Regency

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