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Equity Programme IT Literacy P2SDM – LPPM IPB

Information technology ( IT ) is already not a stranger . In today’s global era , a variety of information through computerized -based virtual world can be enjoyed by all walks of life.

Unfortunately , not all citizens have a computer to access or enjoy content that summarized information via impressions circulating in cyberspace .

To that end , the Center for Human Resources Development ( P2SDM ) LPPM IPB by post empowerment ( Posdaya ) brewing computer programs to empower people ( kompudaya ) .

Experts P2SDM LPPM – IPB , Suparno Midi said , this program has been launched recently implemented in six Posdaya fostered P2SDM LPPM – IPB . ” Kompudaya is the provision of a set of computers that are in Posdaya . Although not directly connected with internet access , content in the computer contains various things that are as important information for the community , ” he said .

For example , fish farming video or a particular commodity , or show how to make delicious snacks and have economic value as well as how to start a business .

” So anyone who wants to know and the people accessing content through the computer contained information on Posdaya , we were invited , ” he explained .

In addition to being one of indecent means IT literate and dissemination of information , the existence kompudaya also be a way to reduce e-waste from computers .

Because , to promote this program , one Posdaya require several computers that can carry the information content in order to facilitate the citizens .

” For example, in a rural area there are 200 families . Of that amount , there is the calculation of how many households that can be covered with a single computer . For example, five units for 200 families , each Posdaya must have a minimum of five computers , ” he said .

The man who is committed to advancing the education confirmed, it is open to any citizen who is willing to donate a used computer program in order to develop this kompudaya .

Source: Radar Bogor

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