Assistance Program in Posdaya Taburpuja IPB Campus Ring


By Warcito

The launch program of savings and credit prosperous purse (TABURPUJA) unsecured loans began in July 2011 conducted by the Cooperative sudara Indra (Sub). The idea was initiated by Prof. Taburpuja. Dr.. Haryono Suyono Foundation Chairman Dana Sejahtera Mandiri (Damandiri). Participants Taburpuja each household received unsecured loans with a flat rate of 18% per year is Rp. 2 million as additional business capital. Returns the interest rate of 2% for each group is given by the Cooperative sudara Posdaya Indra, with the aim that can be collected as as the bailout. Businesses that are members of this group Posdaya well developed as seen from NPLnya 0 (no late pays). Advantages of joint responsibility, which no bailouts of groups that can be used to cover the first installment of a member who may be a little difficult to meet due dates. As an illustration, the program Taburpuja in Bogor has been conducted on five (5) Posdaya, namely Posdaya Together (village Lightning), Posdaya Hope Forward (village Sukadamai), Posdaya Gugahsari (Village Margajaya), Posdaya Welfare (Village Bubulak) and Posdaya Kenanga (Village Situgede). Realization of loans per January 8, 2014, the Joint Posdaya Lightning village district. DRAMAGA Rp 500.8 million (scroll 1 2 and 3), Posdaya Hope Forward Sukadami village district. DRAMAGA Rp 724 million (scroll 1 2 and 3), Posdaya Gugahsari Ex. Margajaya West Bogor Rp. 351,000,000 (scroll 1 and 2), Posdaya Prosperous Ex. Bubulak West Bogor Rp. 204,000,000 (scroll 1 and 2) and Posdaya Situgede Boxwood Village West Bogor Rp. 358 million (scroll 1 and 2).

interesting story from this program are compulsory saving taburpuja participants where the credit facility is used to achieve an increase in HDI and MDGs. All participants hinted implement empowerment programs. Deposits must be obtained at Rp. Rp 41,720,800 and voluntary savings. Time deposits 33,430,928 USD. 11,250,000 for 5 Posdaya in Bogor. This indicates that micro and small businesses who are in Bogor has a strong will to achieve self-sufficiency in a group effort. The main principle is to train sow puja related to bank customers. Once these groups have a business, it is advisable to form a cooperative participant sow puja or business group so that it can apply for a loan venture capital loans to banks Powder Puja area can diaksses with joint responsibility. Loose credit Puja is a scheme that provides support for strengthening the development of productive economic activities Posdaya business groups and other groups that have developed in earnest culture of mutual support, love, help each other in order to get out of the cycle of poverty. In addition, the group also has a discipline and respect for parents and elders. Willing to help and encourage mothers with friendly for IHC and diligently to maintain a healthy and clean living habit and healthy behaviors, assist with corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as health care advocate Posdaya members, especially the poor to pay the mortgage dues diligently premium BPJS . Confirming sow worship as a means of economic development through the blue family can dijelasakan as follows (presented by Prof.. Dr.. Haryono Suyono); there are five main activities Posdaya abbreviated with flanking 2M 3W. The first M is Maton, namely religious activities and cultural activities, which include faith, devotion to God Almighty, Allah, cultural activities, Pancasila, mutual cooperation. The first W is sane or healthy. This means that there must be Posdaya activities in the health sector. The second is Wasis W, which means clever. Children of school age to school. Primarily elementary school age children, middle school and high school that is starting from toddler to high school.

If a child’s age and children from poor families sought to be school. If necessary in cooperation royongkan. Third W, is wareg, meaning full. Posdaya send families of young families, young people and the skills to do the exercises work or trying. While the latter M established, which means, healthy home, home garden so nutritious. If the harvest is expected to set up a bank many vegetables, chili banks, banks tomatoes and other vegetables banks so that the results could be sold if it is not exhausted. Mentoring and business development efforts carried out by cooperatives and community college partners Damandiri Foundation. Mentoring is defined as work performed by the facilitator or assistant public in a variety of program activities. In practice, among more guidance aimed at economic development and improving the welfare of the poor even though accompanied by strengthening local organizations and leadership. Cooperatives have 6 (six) people working to make the program successful Puja Powder in 15 Posdaya including 1 manager, 3 credit analyst and a financial section 2. Mentoring is done by the partner universities as P2SDM LPPM IPB is recommending Posdaya ready and able to accept the Loose program puja. In addition, assisting micro and small entrepreneurs to improve product quality and enhance the business scale.

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