Refresher Display CHRD Website

p2sdm-2009-2014Alhamdulillah to give gratitude Allah SWT presence finally finished also change the look of the website CHRD (Center for Human Resource Development) is. Change the look of this website is the 3rd change, since the website is presented to the public since 2009. Hopefully with the new look of the website is to make the more active administrators in filling the content, so as to improve the ability of communities to manage existing Posdaya throughout Indonesia, Aamiin .

Technologically there is no significant change that we represent, although already experienced 2 times of technological change. This time we brought in a dominant display with a blue background taken from the logo IPB (Bogor Agricultural University)

As for the look of the website P2SDM from 2009 up to the year 2014 are as follows :

  1.  In 2009 when I first published this web interface is as shown below with the main domain and the backup in
  2. In 2011 finally the web interface to change the display as follows and domain not proceed
  3. In 2014 ( March 18, 2014 at 21:00 ) P2SDM website finally changed back the 3rd time with the following display

According to the analysis where the readers are more fun zoom ? Thank you still willing to be a loyal reader P2SDM website and pray that we be more diligent in updating this website. (ms)

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