Saepul Asikin, SP

Saepul Asikin, SP.

Saepul Asikin born in Ciamis on 27 January 1968. Seventh child of nine brothers completed primary education in 1983 at SDN Kawunglarang 1 Rancah-Ciamis; junior high school graduation in 1985 from SMP Rancah-Kudat; subsequently went to school SMAN I Tasikmalaya and graduated in 1988. Study in IPB through PMDK, socio-economic majored Faperta the EPS study program (Agricultural and Resource Economics) with the thesis “Optimization of Land Utilization in Ciamis District“.

Since graduating from college directly involved in research and community service (1995 – present), some once cultivated fields, among others:

  • Food Program Nutrition and Public Health
  • Alam Sutera Development
  • Community Empowerment through POSDAYA

Currently on the staff of Center Human Resource Development LPPM IPB located at IPB Baranang Campus Lunch (Ex Post Graduate buildings).

One Response to Saepul Asikin, SP

  1. Mujiyana says:

    Assalamu’alaikum ww
    Pak Saepul, mohon saya dapat dikirimi brosur2 pelatihan agar saya bisa memilih mana yang cocok dengan minat saya untuk persiapan masa pensiun nanti yang tinggal 4 tahun lagi.
    Terima kasih

    Hormat kami
    Mujiana 081291563277

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