Strengthening Posdaya Ring in the 17 Village Campus


General conditions
Conditions and developments Posdaya forums around campus can be seen from the four programs , namely education , health , economy and environment . In addition , an explanation of this common condition is explained by socio-economic aspects of environmental , organizational and management aspects , developmental aspects Posdaya and dynamic aspects of organizing and development activities.

a. Environmental Socio-Economic Aspects
Posdaya formed in a society that is in many ways already “aware ” of information about the programs in the field of economic empowerment , health information through the institutions of local public health , information about environmental activities both garden plants and composting as well as information and practice in the field of education especially early childhood . The main problem is the lack of public access to the institution . But so far are signified health maternal and child health , health posts and nutrition ; interpreted as early childhood education , economics interpreted as Micro and Small Enterprises ( MSEs ) , Micro Finance Institutions ( MFIs ) and environmental fields interpreted as an organic fertilizer or institutionalize the arrangement TOGA yard or development environment and nutritious garden , it has become a movement of the whole previous development.

b. Organization and Leadership
As communities around urban and industrial, then the public’s knowledge of the management is good enough, because in any complex society has developed various forms of formal and informal oganisasi . Therefore Posdaya officials, can not be avoided is derived from a cadre of existing development. Almost the entire board is Posdaya figures cadre development, both as a cadre of institutions established through the program over the village, such as the PKK cadres, cadres, cadres of early childhood education, a cadre of farmer groups, and there is also the Chairman of RT or RW Chairman , and there is also the manager of the Foundation or other social groups.
Brief overview of the development of stewardship Posdaya as follows :

  1. Posdaya Harapan Maju, coordinated by active youth in RW 6 Kampung Desa Kahuripan Sukadamai. After an Posdaya, RW 6 has new activities and the support of its citizens, namely microfinance institutions (MFIs). In addition to the MFI , ECD also be a target group Posdaya forward expectations. Activities Posdaya more lively after a visit OST (Observation Study Tour) from other districts . However Posdaya activities that have been deemed sufficiently advanced by RW 6, considered a competitor by the village. So never got a warning from the village. This can be overcome by IPB involvement as a facilitator between the misunderstanding.
  2. Posdaya Fajar Harapan, managed by a group of village leaders were quite progressive. Togetherness among them is shown by the development of TOGA , using land one resident. Field is then managed on behalf of the group , but it is run by a particular person. It also contained the village plantation development activities by professional organizations SAMI Saena, Faculty of Human Ecology IPB. While economic business activities , education and health in the form of regular activities.
  3. Posdaya Tunas Harapan, which cultivated a cadre of business activities including livestock Posdaya rabbits, fish farming, raising sheep. Educational activities such as landfill, and madrasah in the RW. Health engaged in activities just toddlers, elderly activity has not been activated and environmental activities focused on composting activities.
  4. Posdaya Mandiri Terpadu, managed collectively by several public figures , which is equipped with assembly space . This group often get visits OST . The main strength is the delivery of assets Posdaya elite movers Posdaya for cooperation for integrated cultivation . So this happened because Posdaya sustainability is supported by the village elite figures in the business framework . This Posdaya be greater because of frequent guests visiting this Posdaya .
  5. Posdaya Baraya
    Economics Posdaya activities lead to the development of business patterns (institutional business), the development pattern of financing (MFIs, savings and loans cooperative unit), technical development and business management (candied nutmeg, nutmeg syrup, nutmeg lunkhead, candied papaya, crispy oyster mushrooms, sequin scarf, etc.). In addition to the economic field, there are also activities in the field of health (strengthening health posts and posbindu), education (early childhood, community development literature, Packet A, B and C), and environmental (waste management through composting, environmental movements clean and nutritious garden) Syrup lunkhead nutmeg and mace is one of the seed products of members Posdaya Baraya.
  6. Posdaya Sauyunan
    Initial activity is driven to continue and enhance the IHC activities, and continued with the growth of new activities, namely Posbindu Elderly. Elderly is currently active in a variety of economically important activities eg for processing plastic waste into a craft that has been able to supplement the family income. Develop education and promote early childhood activities during informal gatherings. Seeking environmental field processing manure into compost, recycling and processing waste into handicrafts. While the economy grew quite creative programs through KWT eg sheep, salted egg manufacture, processing of agricultural products into traditional food, and cassava chips.
  7. Posdaya Sabilulungan
    The business activities of cassava chips and sheep farming became the mainstay activity Posdaya sabilulungan. In addition to these activities, Posdaya establish communication with farmer groups, youth clubs and youth KWT. MFI, IHC, early childhood and composting activities berupakan activities accommodated by Posdaya sabilulungan .
  8. Posdaya Mekarsari
    Mekarsari Posdaya activities include education (early childhood, TBs, etc.), the field of Healthcare (IHC and Posbindu), environmental (waste management), and economics. Specifically in the fields of economics, Posdaya Mekarsari has managed to move the community to manage the Middle Setu which was abandoned into a large fish pond can be used for fishing and high economic value . Ginger and instant bandrek also a mainstay of the Mekarsari Posdaya .
  9. Posdaya Bersama
    The event begins with growth monitoring sessions , then to the economics of sweet potato chips , catfish and carp , as well as sweet potato cultivation . Education includes teaching youth activities , landfill , Madrasah and early childhood . Environmental field are focused on the nutritious garden and household waste .
  10. Posdaya Geulis Bager
    Posdaya Geulis Bager very prominent in the environmental field , with its activities in the form of reduction of household waste into compost, process waste/waste plastics into bags/crafts, moving community service hygiene (healthy environment movement to overcome DBD). Currently, the environmental movement was named TRASH BANK (BANK SAMPAH), where residents who are members/member banks collect household waste bins that have been separated between organic and non-organic garbage (plastic) , then banked to be processed into compost bins (from organic waste) and craft materials (non-organic waste), as a “reward” garbage bank participants can free treatment to the clinic where Posdaya have been cooperating with the health center .
    The flagship product of members Posdaya Geulis Bager is a variety of bags / made ​​from raw sewage / waste plastic . This product is the result of creative crafts and skilled hands scene of villagers .
  11. Posdaya semaimulya
    Include the implementation of early childhood education, early childhood training cadres, residents library and youth education. IHC organizes health field and Posbindu elderly. Economic sector includes farming rabbits, sheep, and catfish, while the environmental field pursued by the community by planting medicinal plants, processing of plastic waste as craft materials and waste collection to be sold as junk.
  12. Posdaya eka mandiri
    Initial activity is driven to continue and improve the quality of early childhood through early childhood tutor training. Further economic development pursued in a variety of programs, both of which have long been cultivated by people like sheep, coconut shell charcoal processing , fish farming and new grown by people such as chicken farming and development of MFIs (microfinance institutions). Health field nenyemarakkan back posyandu and add new services with Posbindu Elderly.
  13. Posdaya subur makmur
    Initial activity is driven to continue and enhance the activities of IHC and grow Posbindu Elderly . Developing early childhood education activities . The field of waste management and environmental seek better shelter . Economic activity has been developed as cattle sheep, catfish and MFI.
  14. Posdaya bastion of hope
    The field of education has been able to provide early childhood education facilities independently , and also has established communication with Himpaudi districts . Economic field has moved some economic activities , among others, the crisp deblo able to add value added by processing local agricultural products , livestock sheep , and MFI . Environmental field is done by collecting medicinal plants that grow in the area of ​​Mount leutik .
  15. Posdaya ylang
    Developed a variety of activities ranging from tourist village activities around campus , culinary mushroom , lunkhead taro, taro chips . Vertikultur activities , nutritious gardens , toga and posyandu and early childhood . MFIs in cooperation with Cooperative sudara Indra for savings and loan activities with members of 150 clients .
  16. Posdaya gems
    The event begins with early childhood and during informal gatherings . Activities carried out by cadres posyandu health , economics and develop aquaculture carp catfish , vertikultur and plastics processing .
  17. Posdaya gugahsari
    Posdaya focused on economics , because the activities of health , education and the environment has done well . Economic sector that is currently running is taburpuja MFI with 120 customers .

Competency Training Board Forum Posdaya
Cadre training activities around campus Posdaya forum is intended for cadres have the knowledge , skills and attitudes in decision-making in the field . This activity has been carried out with a motivational keynote speakers empowerment , and BPR practitioners of Sharia . Material presented by the facilitator discusses the key success of community empowerment , decision making tips , excellent service , and convenience for those who have an attitude of sharing . Expanding Microfinance Institutions ( MFIs ) in circumference Posdaya forum Campus and spirit and enthusiastic cadre Posdaya in these activities , a great asset to be directed into the MFI Sharia . Resource persons came from Syariah BPR practitioners .
BPR Syariah is one of the banks that were allowed to operate with a system of sharia in Indonesia . Sharia law rules regarding BPR refers to Law No. 10 of 1998 and Bank Indonesia Regulation ( PBI ) . As per the national banking system , rural banks that Sharia is established to serve the Micro and Small Enterprises ( MSEs ) . MSE sector which makes it different from BPR Syariah market share with commercial banks / Islamic Banks . In the Islamic banking system , BPR Syariah BPR is one form that the management should be based on Islamic principles .
Syariah BPR efforts include community Raise funds in the form of : a) Savings based wadi’ah or mudaraba principle , b ) based on the principle of mudaraba deposits , c ) Channelling funds to the community in the form of financing by :

  • Principles sale ( murabaha , istishna’, greetings )
  • Principles of leasing ( ijara )
  • Principle of sharing ( mudaraba , Musharaka )
  • The principle of virtue ( qardh )

Placing funds in current accounts , savings , deposits in other Islamic banks and e ) Perform other activities that do not conflict with the Banking Law and Islamic principles .
BPR Syariah focused to serve the Micro and Small Enterprises who want an easy process , fast service and light requirements . BPR Syariah have officers who serve as shuttle fleet savings deposits and withdrawals / deposits including installment payment financing . This service is particularly relevant to the needs of the SMEs who tend not to leave their daily business in the market / store / home .
BPR Sharia Sharia principles in transaksio applied for funding ( savings and time deposits ) and financing ( loans ) . BPR Syariah manage public funds with revenue sharing system . By sharing system , public depositors will get the results are highly dependent fluctuations due to income earned Syariah BPR . To that end , to be agreed ratio ( portion ) at the beginning of the transaction .
Each savings and deposits are stored in BPR Syariah guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) , all according to applicable regulations , so that people will continue to feel safe to keep their funds in Syariah BPR . In exchange for financing ( loans ) , BPR Syariah provide financing to MSEs system purchase , profit-sharing or rental . The choice of the Islamic system is highly dependent on the type of financing raised by the public to the Syariah BPR . In addition , BPR can also do practice Sharia mortgages managed by the sharia system.

quarterly meeting
The method has been implemented quarterly meetings are visits and observations to the IPB team Posdaya forum. Posdaya who have visited the forum Posdaya totaled 22 in 17 villages around the campus . Activity quarterly meeting welcomed by each Posdaya, it is met with quite a lot number of meeting participants . In addition to the core board Posdaya , present also Chairman RW, RT, community leaders , religious leaders , Women Farmers Group ( KWT ) and youth .
In general , activities quarterly meeting to discuss developments in the region to RWan Posdaya forum , a follow-up program the previous three months and submit a three -month program that will come . In addition , the discussion Posdaya development opportunities and constraints faced by Posdaya . The solutions are discussed more heavily on economic and management aspects of education .
Specifically , quarterly meetings to discuss activities Posdaya forum contributions in improving the family income . These discussions resulted in an agreement to carry out such training craft plastic waste processed , nutritious garden demonstration plot , deplot medicinal plants ( TOGA ) , and sewing training . Trainings can already be implemented properly in the respective Posdaya concerned , informants who have Posdaya – Posdaya develop the business.

Comparative studies Posdaya Board Forum
The comparative study is intended to Posdaya forums around the campus has a way of thinking that is more realistic , specific , and responsive to the educational programs , health , economy and environment . The method is performed in a comparative study is observation and interviews . This activity is done by Posdaya forums around the campus visit each other like ylang Posdaya forum Situgede visit Posdaya mulya Semai , an integrated independent Posdaya visit Posdaya Tunas Harapan and so on .
The results of this comparative study , it is generally practiced in Posdaya forum activity in each. This is indicated by the results of the visit such practice ; ECD in ECD activities Posdaya Sauyunan adopt in Posdaya Fort Hope in the creation of children’s toys . The sweet potato chips packaged form Posdaya Together adopt the form of packaging in Posdaya Baraya and so on . Models of this comparative study will be massive in the growth and development of products both physical and non-physical. (ms)

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