Suparno Midi

Suparno Midi (Ayah Hanif)

Suparno Midi (Ayah Hanif)

Email : masnno [at] gmail [dot] com Web/Blog : Without touching the computer, a person can have computer skills. Without having a computer, without great expense, the school can educate his students into a computer magnate. All that has been proven by the Midi Suparno (46), a self-taught computer field, who gained his expertise in information technology with computer only imaginary. When first applying to be a programmer, though Suparno had never touched a computer. In fact, he was tested in the presence of a faculty computer doctoral degree. He was confused when having to turn on the computer in front of him.By getting a scolding, someone finally help Suparno turn on the computer. The difficulty is not finished. It turns out that there is a computer in front of a computer different from the imagined. He could only react when his request to see a stack of manual granted. “I was asked back for a test tomorrow morning., I said I was tired. I am no longer able to walk as far as 15 kilometers test. Hearing that story, I was actually given a fare of Rp 60,000,”said Suparno. From there Suparno began her career as a computer expert and teacher. Starting from makeshift facilities, Suparno helped design and development of information technology education in High School Plus PGRI Cibinong. He only certified high school. However, thanks to Suparno, SMA PGRI Cibinong Plus it would become a pioneer in the development of information technology education in schools. Of the private schools that are in the middle of the village in Bogor Regency, West Java, it would appear an ICT village, the area that has access to information technology rapid technology at reasonable cost, which was built at the initiative of the bottom. Over the years, studying with computer Suparno imaginary. No one taught him. He only learned from books that he met. Everyday he languished in the room. He describes a computer keyboard on a piece of paper, complete with the buttons. He is also a computer screen image on the board that he put in front of him. When pressed the buttons on the”keyboard”, he then wrote the letters in”computer screen”on the board. Vice versa when he wipe. hit by car No trace of technological expertise in family Suparno. His mother was a small trader in the market. His father was a farmer in a village in East Java. After high school, she had studied at the Institut Pertanian Bogor. He received no test at the Department of Agricultural Mechanization and can live independently of scholarships and the results provide tutoring. Fate willed apparently others. At the end of the third year, Suparno hit by a car while he was riding a Vespa, coming home from college after seeing the announcement of exam results. Four years he suffered paralysis and amnesia. Although it has been declared cured, he loses his memory in total for almost 20 years. Regardless of the paralysis, he began to learn the computer. He recognizes the computer from the books. All day activities Suparno just being in the room, wrestle imaginary computer. His family was restless, thought Suparno experiencing mental illness. His family could only breathe easier after Suparno accepted as a programmer at the University of Bogor Juanda. Maybe because the memory has not fully recovered, Suparno feel at home in his new job. However, every time he asked out, his salary was raised. Finally he came out. An offer to work in a French company rejected. He instead chose to be a”bum”, moving from one place to another looking for youngsters who want to be taught computer. He later taught at Madrasah Aliyah accommodated Al – Ridho Depok on the outskirts in the early 1990s. He became a computer teacher school although it does not have a computer. New school a year later it bought a computer junkyard. Outside of teaching it, Suparno collect a number of young people from lower classes to learn computer that dihimpunnya independently in the Abu Data, the acronym of the Mandate Build Smart People Be cautious. Alumni groups dozen people. Most work in computer science, both as a lecturer, teacher, or skilled personnel in the field. Transmitting Knowledge Suparno married in 1999 after an arranged marriage and was jostled by kiai. He is married with knee capital. All costs are borne kiai celebration. Wedding rings purchased from the results saweran his students. That marriage brings a double blessing for Suparno. Besides blessed with two children, Hanif Wulandari (7) and Hanif Handy (2), he fully regains his memory. Suparno dream to pass on their knowledge to younger kids get a new container after he was appointed as a consultant and deputy director of the Department of Information Technology High School Plus PGRI Cibinong. He built a learning system that is familiar with information technology, computer learning methods independently, and to recruit students who have a special interest in becoming a candidate for trained computer professionals. “We do not need to spoil a child with a tool. To learn, the tools are just two numbers. Number one is the spirit,” said Suparno.

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