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kripikubijalarSweet potato is one of the types of foods that can support improved community nutrition program. Beta-carotene and vitamin A content is high, contains a lot of carbohydrates (75-90 percent), which consists of starch (60-80 per cent dry weight), sugar (4-30 percent dry weight), cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin (Sarwono, 2005).

Food diversification effort is essential in order to overcome the problem of dependence on one staple food. For example, the processing of cereals and tubers into different forms that have preserved a sense of distinctive and durable storage. Is processed in the form of flour, cassava, fermented, chips and more. This is consistent with the government’s program in particular in addressing the needs of food, especially non-rice.

Diversification of processed products especially sweet potatoes do well on fresh ingredients and semi-finished (intermediate products) which can then be directly marketed or processed into products ready meals. Sweet potatoes are processed into raw materials for the food industry such as the manufacture of ice cream, cake sweet, sweet cheese, sweet potato pie vegetables, macaroni, sweet potato, sweet potato pudding, baked sweet potatoes, making alcohol and many more functions of sweet potato with a high economic value . Besides boiled or fried, sweet potatoes can be processed so crispy, sweet potato flour, a mixture of table salt and MSG ingredients (Monosodium Glutamate). Efforts to diversify the product is intended to address the abundance of sweet potato production during the harvest which is often detrimental to farmers due to the falling prices for fresh sweet potatoes are not durable saved.
Sweet potato is one of the types of foods that can support improved community nutrition program. Calorific value is high, ie 123 kalori/100 gram. Sweet potatoes can give you a sense of satiety in relatively small amounts. In addition to energy, sweet potatoes contain vitamin A in sufficient quantities, ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Levels of carotene in sweet potato is almost the same with carrots characterized the types of bulbs are reddish yellow.
In addition to beta-carotene and vitamin A content of the high, sweet potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates (75-90 percent), which consists of starch (60-80 per cent dry weight), sugar (4-30 percent dry weight), cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin (Sarwono , 2005). Carbohydrates contained sweet potatoes in the classification of low gliycemix Index (LGI, 54) means that the commodity is suitable for diabetics (Widayati, 2007).
Sweet potatoes can serve as a source of staple food for most people in Indonesia, particularly in rural areas. Although the carbohydrate and sugar content of sweet potatoes on high, fat is almost non existant. In addition to low-fat, cholesterol-free sweet potato as well, a source of fiber, calories, and vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps slow the aging process (Suismono, 1995).
To ensure the availability of quality fresh sweet potatoes are good, note pascapanennya handling, which involves determining the optimum harvest, how to harvest and storage of fresh. This is important because the water content of sweet potatoes are relatively high (> 60%) led bulbs are very easy to damage (rotting, sprouting) when stored at room temperature. Simple handling techniques are relatively easy to apply at both farmers and traders and processors, is expected to maintain the physical quality of sweet potato as raw material for processed products fresh and intermediate products.
As an illustration, the production of sweet potatoes in Indonesia in 2010 amounted to 2,050,805 tons with average productivity of 11.3 tonnes per hectare. Productivity is high enough it does not offset the demand and utilization. Based Susenas 2010, the consumption of sweet potato Indonesia’s population is 2.78 kg per capita per year. When compared to rice consumption reached 139.15 kg per capita per year, sweet potato consumption is still very low.
The low consumption of sweet potatoes is due to very little post-harvest processing technology is applied, the economic value of sweet potatoes are low and the image of the sweet potato as a food of the poor. Sweet potato processing by households and industry in Indonesia is still quite modest, the roasting, boiling, frying and processed into other traditional foods. Therefore, the order of sweet potato can be an alternative staple food and has required an increase in the value of economic value added products. One is with a sweet potato processing sweet potato chips. Forms chips can simplify and extend the storage up to for months.
Sweet potato chips are a snack products made from local foods. Snacks has a high nutrient content and is expected to be a nutritious snack for people. Sweet potato chips have the quality requirements, the SNI 01-4306-1996 so in reference to producing guidelines. Terms of Quality of Sweet Potato Chips can be seen in Table 1. In addition, the application of technology tepatguna used in this activity to stimulate the public to be better at utilizing agricultural products around it.

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