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Development Program “Tabur Puja” In Welfare Interventions for Improving Society Through Model Posdaya

The poverty rate in Indonesia has fluctuated. Number of people with limitations in Indonesia is believed to be caused by the limited job opportunities. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) are institutions that provide financial services in the form of savings and loans earmarked for low-income families and do not have access to commercial banking. Purse Savings and Credit Program Sejahtera (Powder Puja) is operated in the form of an invitation to save and use credit for people with disabilities. The purpose of this study is to describe the program “Tabur Puja” in improving the welfare of the poor, and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the program “Tabur Puja” compared to other micro financing. The method used is descriptive qualitative analysis with respondent 5 (five) Posdaya that move Powder Puja in Bogor. The results of interviews and observations obtained that the mechanism Puja Loose lending no more than Rp. 2 million to each member Posdaya, the presence of joint liability order, the activity of contiguity make Puja Powder into a program that is able to improve the welfare of the community. Community empowerment program in Posdaya make use of loan funds in accordance with the plans that have been prepared beforehand. The pattern of assistance undertaken include regular weekly meetings, direct assistance to the field, and training services needed by the community. The advantages of the system “Tabur Puja” is the empowerment approach towards customers. Posdaya approach to community empowerment through community building through four (4) pillars of development amongst communities have enormous benefits, particularly in improving the welfare of the construction.

Community Development Through Community Empowerment Movement

Term Limits
Community empowerment (community emporwerment) is perujudan of community development nuanced on empowering human resources in order to understand the rights and obligations in accordance with the status and role in society.
The need for empowerment is a departure from reality is still the weak position of the majority of the people in demanding the rights and obligations indicated by their lack of access to some facilities, such as information, technology, venture capital, law, and especially the ability of control. Various drawbacks such access begins with a low level of education held by our society, especially in rural.
The composition of the population who earn a living in agriculture still range in the 60 %. Therefore, empowering the community is strongly associated with empowering farmers. Less helpless farmers pervasive in almost all business activities he is performing. At the beginning of the growing season farmers are faced with a problem the use of seeds, which is due to helplessness in controlling deceived not a few farmers who use fake seeds. In plant maintenance period, the availability of fertilizer or fertilizer prices can not be voiced especially disolusikan by farmers. They tend to accept what is, so until panenpun they can not do much when prices plummeted and production falls below the floor price set by the government. Farmers helpless, powerless people.