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Forms of Training Evaluation

Model ROTI (Return On Training Investment) developed by Jack Phillips is an evaluation of the level of the last to see the cost-benefit after training implemented. The usefulness of this model in order to see the company ‘s management training is not something that is costly and only financial harm, but training is an investment. So it can be viewed by using an accurate count of the advantages that can be obtained after carrying out the training, and it is certainly able to provide a broader picture, if it is found from the results obtained it was found that such training does not provide benefits both for the participants and for the company.

It can be concluded that this evaluation model is an addition of Kirkpatrick evaluation model that is the level of ROTI (Return On Training Investment), these levels wants to see the success of a training program with a view of the Cost-Benefit of his, so it requires little data and should accurate to support the results of the evaluation of training valid.

The application of the model of Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation in training can be described by the following necessary requirements.



The purpose of this research is the increased knowledge and skills of the community in 4 (four) aspects of education, health, environment and economy through kompudaya. The results of the identification of training needs of the target group related to that material obtained kompudaya desired target group, namely on-line learning techniques, content management, motivation and group dynamics, the introduction of ICT and learning organization.

The result showed that kompudaya has been able to increase the absorptive capacity of users to the content that has been opened. Kompudaya institutional model is a technique or method that is effective in the learning community. Therefore, kompudaya can provide a space for people to play an active role in strengthening education, economy, health and environment.

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