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Refresher Display CHRD Website

p2sdm-2009-2014Alhamdulillah to give gratitude Allah SWT presence finally finished also change the look of the website CHRD (Center for Human Resource Development) is. Change the look of this website is the 3rd change, since the website is presented to the public since 2009. Hopefully with the new look of the website is to make the more active administrators in filling the content, so as to improve the ability of communities to manage existing Posdaya throughout Indonesia, Aamiin .

Technologically there is no significant change that we represent, although already experienced 2 times of technological change. This time we brought in a dominant display with a blue background taken from the logo IPB (Bogor Agricultural University)

P2SDM report in 2013


Posdaya existence in the archipelago that preceded its formation by the IPB and the Foundation for the first time in the village Damandiri Girimulya Bogor in 2007 , is now growing at a fantastic rate , nearly 30,000 Posdaya . This phenomenon is more surprising when it is known that the growth Posdaya is patterned bottom-up , voluntary and self-help . Thematic learning programs Posdaya indeed play a significant role in the growing number of Posdaya , but in practice still avoid the top-down pattern or patterns and instructive project . Therefore , the spirit of community that is built to turn togetherness , kegotong of mutual concern and to establish families in the areas they need to be supported by competent parties , both morally and materially.

The college is one of the components that have a role in encouraging , supporting and assisting the community in an effort to family development and processing of the various areas of their potential . P2SDM LPPM IPB in 2013 have implemented diverse real effort to increase the quantity and quality dimensions dimensions Posdaya . Not only that , advocacy efforts for the development of networking empowerment also successfully carried out by inviting new partners from all walks of life to actively collaborate in community empowerment through Posdaya.

Kompudaya , Empower Solutions Used Computers

Equity Programme IT Literacy P2SDM – LPPM IPB

Information technology ( IT ) is already not a stranger . In today’s global era , a variety of information through computerized -based virtual world can be enjoyed by all walks of life.

Unfortunately , not all citizens have a computer to access or enjoy content that summarized information via impressions circulating in cyberspace .

To that end , the Center for Human Resources Development ( P2SDM ) LPPM IPB by post empowerment ( Posdaya ) brewing computer programs to empower people ( kompudaya ) .

101 Ways to Know Posdaya

101 cara mengenal posdaya

101 cara mengenal posdaya

Development of entrepreneurship is one solution to improve the welfare of the community. Many potential areas that can be processed by the community and generating productive activities, and ultimately increase the family income. Posdaya is one container that can be shared by the community to build and develop entrepreneurship. 101 Ways to Know Posdaya book is very practical to understand the concepts and implementation Posdaya. It should be read by people who are active in community empowerment. (Ahmad HeryawanGovernor of West Java)

“Congratulations to P2SDM LPPM Posdaya IPB as activists who have been able to collect 101 questions about Posdaya from various circles. Through this book we presented an institutional innovation in empowerment, and empowerment can imagine portrait at grass-root level. This book can be a reference for practitioners, observers, and activists Posdaya Posdaya to understand fully. (Prof. Dr. Ir. Herry Suhardiyanto, M.Sc – Rector of IPB)