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OST Ke-67 di Posdaya Eka Mandiri

Peserta Rumah Pintar Posdaya Eka Mandiri

Participants OST Posdaya Smart House is reviewing Posdaya Eka Mandiri

On the day Wednesday, June 25, 2014 ago, Posdaya Partner P2SDM LPPM IPB is Posdaya Eka Mandiri Posdaya visited by coaches from the coordinator of West Sumatra, West Java I and Lampung, Central Java, IV, and LPPM STIAMI Jakarta. This visit is a series of observations Posdaya directly in the community. Posdaya Eka Mandiri are Kp. Sinagar RT.01 / RW 06, Desa Cihideung Udik, district. Ciampea, Kab. Bogor. Posdaya existing activities in Posdaya Eka Mandiri activities include Education, Health, Environment and Economy. Posdaya Eka Mandiri was formed by IPB students through the activities of Field Work Experience Thematic Posdaya in 2009, and a new decree was published in 2010 by the Numbers: 141/21/11.kpts-kades/2010.

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Analysis of Strategy Development Family Empowerment Post (Posdaya) Program in Bogor and Bogor Regency



Family Empowerment Post (Posdaya) has a function as a forum of community activities undertaken by stakeholders in a participatory manner. Core family empowerment is to develop human resources (HR), mainly from poor families into affluent families (independent) creative. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, a free man, the man whose inner life is born or do not depend on other people, leaning on his own strength. Humans have free high confidence and is able to produce profitable products, so as to usher in a happy and prosperous life (Kartasasmita, 1996).
Posdaya has a typical bottom-up program, self-reliance, and resource utilization as well as the local potential. Posdaya also a forum of friendship, communication, advocacy, and container building activities family functions in an integrated manner that focuses on the four areas in between the fields of education, health, entrepreneurship, and the environment (Suyono, 2009). According Warcito (2011), Posdaya can also be a family of container capacity in an integrated manner by moving the social capital and human capital on an ongoing basis in a variety of fields, especially education, health, economy and environment so that these families can grow independently in the village.

Strengthening Posdaya Ring in the 17 Village Campus


General conditions
Conditions and developments Posdaya forums around campus can be seen from the four programs , namely education , health , economy and environment . In addition , an explanation of this common condition is explained by socio-economic aspects of environmental , organizational and management aspects , developmental aspects Posdaya and dynamic aspects of organizing and development activities.

a. Environmental Socio-Economic Aspects
Posdaya formed in a society that is in many ways already “aware ” of information about the programs in the field of economic empowerment , health information through the institutions of local public health , information about environmental activities both garden plants and composting as well as information and practice in the field of education especially early childhood . The main problem is the lack of public access to the institution . But so far are signified health maternal and child health , health posts and nutrition ; interpreted as early childhood education , economics interpreted as Micro and Small Enterprises ( MSEs ) , Micro Finance Institutions ( MFIs ) and environmental fields interpreted as an organic fertilizer or institutionalize the arrangement TOGA yard or development environment and nutritious garden , it has become a movement of the whole previous development.