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Development of Green-Posdaya Programe to Improve the Quality of Community Empowerment

The purpose of this activity is to develop a Green-Posdaya programe to improve the quality of community empowerment, especially in the fields of economics, education, health and the environment. The program is implemented in five villages in the District Klapanunggal, Bogor Regency; whose synergy between professional course work (KKP) IPB student partnership programe through CSR activities of PT. Holcim. In the first year has been realized several achievements that are still pioneering activities and mentoring beginning, namely the development of Green-Posdaya, improved management of early childhood education, and strengthening microfinance institutions. It is expected that the activities of the next period, gradually achieved healthier living conditions and welfare of local communities.



The purpose of this research is the increased knowledge and skills of the community in 4 (four) aspects of education, health, environment and economy through kompudaya. The results of the identification of training needs of the target group related to that material obtained kompudaya desired target group, namely on-line learning techniques, content management, motivation and group dynamics, the introduction of ICT and learning organization.

The result showed that kompudaya has been able to increase the absorptive capacity of users to the content that has been opened. Kompudaya institutional model is a technique or method that is effective in the learning community. Therefore, kompudaya can provide a space for people to play an active role in strengthening education, economy, health and environment.