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Assistance Program in Posdaya Taburpuja IPB Campus Ring


By Warcito

The launch program of savings and credit prosperous purse (TABURPUJA) unsecured loans began in July 2011 conducted by the Cooperative sudara Indra (Sub). The idea was initiated by Prof. Taburpuja. Dr.. Haryono Suyono Foundation Chairman Dana Sejahtera Mandiri (Damandiri). Participants Taburpuja each household received unsecured loans with a flat rate of 18% per year is Rp. 2 million as additional business capital. Returns the interest rate of 2% for each group is given by the Cooperative sudara Posdaya Indra, with the aim that can be collected as as the bailout. Businesses that are members of this group Posdaya well developed as seen from NPLnya 0 (no late pays). Advantages of joint responsibility, which no bailouts of groups that can be used to cover the first installment of a member who may be a little difficult to meet due dates. As an illustration, the program Taburpuja in Bogor has been conducted on five (5) Posdaya, namely Posdaya Together (village Lightning), Posdaya Hope Forward (village Sukadamai), Posdaya Gugahsari (Village Margajaya), Posdaya Welfare (Village Bubulak) and Posdaya Kenanga (Village Situgede). Realization of loans per January 8, 2014, the Joint Posdaya Lightning village district. DRAMAGA Rp 500.8 million (scroll 1 2 and 3), Posdaya Hope Forward Sukadami village district. DRAMAGA Rp 724 million (scroll 1 2 and 3), Posdaya Gugahsari Ex. Margajaya West Bogor Rp. 351,000,000 (scroll 1 and 2), Posdaya Prosperous Ex. Bubulak West Bogor Rp. 204,000,000 (scroll 1 and 2) and Posdaya Situgede Boxwood Village West Bogor Rp. 358 million (scroll 1 and 2).