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Saepul Asikin, SP

Saepul Asikin, SP.

Saepul Asikin born in Ciamis on 27 January 1968. Seventh child of nine brothers completed primary education in 1983 at SDN Kawunglarang 1 Rancah-Ciamis; junior high school graduation in 1985 from SMP Rancah-Kudat; subsequently went to school SMAN I Tasikmalaya and graduated in 1988. Study in IPB through PMDK, socio-economic majored Faperta the EPS study program (Agricultural and Resource Economics) with the thesis “Optimization of Land Utilization in Ciamis District“.

Since graduating from college directly involved in research and community service (1995 – present), some once cultivated fields, among others:

Suparno Midi

Suparno Midi (Ayah Hanif)

Suparno Midi (Ayah Hanif)

Email : masnno [at] gmail [dot] com Web/Blog : http://suparnomidi.blogspot.com/ Without touching the computer, a person can have computer skills. Without having a computer, without great expense, the school can educate his students into a computer magnate. All that has been proven by the Midi Suparno (46), a self-taught computer field, who gained his expertise in information technology with computer only imaginary. When first applying to be a programmer, though Suparno had never touched a computer. In fact, he was tested in the presence of a faculty computer doctoral degree. He was confused when having to turn on the computer in front of him.