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Strengthening Posdaya Ring in the 17 Village Campus


General conditions
Conditions and developments Posdaya forums around campus can be seen from the four programs , namely education , health , economy and environment . In addition , an explanation of this common condition is explained by socio-economic aspects of environmental , organizational and management aspects , developmental aspects Posdaya and dynamic aspects of organizing and development activities.

a. Environmental Socio-Economic Aspects
Posdaya formed in a society that is in many ways already “aware ” of information about the programs in the field of economic empowerment , health information through the institutions of local public health , information about environmental activities both garden plants and composting as well as information and practice in the field of education especially early childhood . The main problem is the lack of public access to the institution . But so far are signified health maternal and child health , health posts and nutrition ; interpreted as early childhood education , economics interpreted as Micro and Small Enterprises ( MSEs ) , Micro Finance Institutions ( MFIs ) and environmental fields interpreted as an organic fertilizer or institutionalize the arrangement TOGA yard or development environment and nutritious garden , it has become a movement of the whole previous development.