Warcito, SP, MM


Warcito, SP

The author was born in Tegal on August 23, 1975 of Father S. Kartono (Alm) and Mrs. Sarwi. The author’s fifth child of seven children.

In 1998, the authors start a business in the marketing of smoked chicken in Bogor. Then in 1999 joined the Community Service Organization (LPM) IPB as secretarial team in the National Program for Community Empowerment Action Programme towards the National Food Security Farmer. In 2005 the author as a project officer at the Centre for Human Resources Development (P2SDM) LPPM IPB. Then in 2007 as a researcher in P2SDM LPPM IPB until now. In 2008, the author continued education Strata Master in Management Studies Graduate Program University of Ibn Khaldun (UIKA) Bogor.

In 2004, the author married to Sa’diah and blessed with two sons. Dito Muhammad Ramadan (5 years) and Mohammed Dito Alhakim (1 year).

Web    : http://warcito.staff.ipb.ac.id/
Email : citosipb [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] id

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